The Butterfly Circus

“ The Greater the Struggle, the More Glorious the Triumph”

Nick Vujicic has always been an inspiration to me , and the butterfly circus one of my faved short movies. You can view it via the link below, it is well worth a watch.

 While I was watching this the other day. A thought came to me.

Most people see obstacles as hindrances to their goals. They see obstacles as things to overcome, to force through in order to get what we want.

But what if we view obstacles as measures to prevent others from reaching our exclusive goals? That’s a whole new shift of perception.

 Obstacles are meant to keep other people from reaching the goal that you want. The greater the obstacle, the more difficult it is for other people to share the same goals as you do.

 Let’s say you own a store selling coffee. Now that’s relatively simple to achieve. But what if you wanted to dominate the industry and become the first place of choice people go to whenever they think of getting a cuppa? Now that’s a whole lot harder.

And that’s what keeps other competitors from taking over the Starbucks niche.

Change your perception of obstacles. Then change your world.

Contributed by Shawn Yeo, Founder of AdvoMinds

Shawn Yeo’s experience in coaching young students began all the way back before his university days as a martial arts coach, where he often worked with young students. Even during then, he placed great emphasis on the potential of his students, which many of them failed to see for themselves. He believes that that one is able to achieve great things if only the student believes he/she can, and he demands on them to reach their fullest potential. After graduating with honours in Bioengineering from NTU, Shawn followed his passion to coach and influence lives. 

Shawn believes the pursuit of dreams will give meaning to our lives, and that the pursuit of dreams of our loved ones can be even more meaningful than our pursuing our own. Dreams give hope and create wonders Focus on dreams and all else will follow. Shawn seeks to influence his students, to enable them to see themselves as bigger than who they think they are. He seeks to reignite their dreams and put meaning into their daily life. Any obstacle can become an opportunity, and the dreams of children will come to life if only they choose to pursue it.

Today, Shawn continues his mission to influence many others to live a fulfilling life as virtuous and confident people.


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