Power of Thoughts

Tired and bored of your same old routine in life?

If your answer is Yes, you have probably gotten used to your past challenges and you are basically wasting your time away, not knowing that you are actually meant and able to achieve greater things in life.  You have got so much untapped potential yet you are not unleashing them to empower yourself more, to create a change in you and the people around you!

Take each day as an opportunity to challenge and outdo yourself, discover that you actually have got no limits! Live life to the fullest, be who you really want to be, have a dream and live it!

Be passionate about what you do because you will thoroughly enjoy the process of hard work and the outcome will always be great because its your passion! I always believe in planting the seeds of hard work and dedication, and achieving success in multiple folds!

Contributed by Elsie Tay, Top PSLE Math Coach from iSun Education Pte Ltd

Elsie is a strong believer of the power of positive attitudes. Currently a graduate from The University Of Birmingham, holding a BSc(Hons) in Business Management,  Elsie is always coming up with strategic plans and creative ideas to tackle problems. She has a strong passion in Mathematics since young and is always motivated to overcome challenges in life. With more than 3 years of coaching experience for Mathematics and life skills, her ability to deliver strategies and inculcate positive values has greatly inspire and motivate students to attain their goals.

Not only does she focus on achieving good grades, she strongly believes in nurturing students to have great discipline and the right attitude towards learning and in every aspects of life. Elsie passion towards coaching and moulding strong characters had strived her to become a confident and enthusiastic coach. She believes in cultivating great values in lives and empowering passionate learners with the right learning strategies and expanding their credibility to the fullest!


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