Windows of opportunities

I saw a tag…”Those who are heartless once cared too much.” It is an interesting quote as it talks about the human evolution of perspective and emotions. Why would a person forsake a previous perspective for something new? Why would a person who might be once against something suddenly change his mind about a situation and embrace an entirely new notion?

These can be seen in how people start to take a radical approach towards situations and can also be observed in human relationships. But the underlying issue is disappointment. Disappointment causes a rift in emotional attachment to goals, to dreams and create as well as enhance a person’s inclination to be very objective driven.

As a student, the main dream or goal would often revolve around making it into the school of your choice or scoring the grades that you desire. When such hopes are dashed, there could be an apathetic reaction and response to circumstances and that could be counter-productive to progress.

In ancient transcripts from the bible, there is a saying that ‘ A hope that is deferred makes the heart grows sick.’ When a target is consistently missed and we miss the mark continually, disappointment sets in and the heart does grow sick with all kinds of ailments such as depression and a feeling of loss. There are those who can recover from these quickly depending on the level of self-efficacy that they possess but others, who when dealt a blow like that find solace in withdrawal.

When we set a goal, we usually define the window of opportunity within that goal. For some people, that window can encompass a large portion of their lives, leading to them being consumed within the pursuit of that achievement. There are advantages and disadvantages when that happens. Some people, consumed with the fervour of possessing an achievement are dealt a huge blow when they missed the mark and find it difficult to recover while others set certain boundaries to limit for themselves the extent that they are willing to be consumed by the window of opportunity.

Neither is exactly right or wrong, but rather, it is an optimism that must be present that allows us to continuously believe that there is a greener pasture elsewhere. Hope is possible even in the darkest hour when you can fix your eyes on a perception, either tangible or intangible and work your way towards those opportunities.


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