What is quality tuition?

The process of searching for the suitable tutor can become a headache for parents. The first thing that comes to a parent’s mind when looking for a tutor is usually home tuition. There are many tutors out there in Singapore who have registered themselves with tuition agencies and essentially you get what you pay for. If you are looking at qualification and experience, you would be paying the rates accordingly.

Parents look for a tutor for various reasons, the main one being to accelerate his improvements when he is no longer able to make progress in school on his own under the teacher’s tutelage. As such, the ability of a tutor is important in aiding the child in doing better in his exams and he should be able to experience the transformation fast.

The headache comes when parents are dissatisfied with the tutor’s ability to deliver. Often, these tutors are part-timers or are not trained adequately for the service they are providing.  When a parent’s budget is limited, they might not be able to hire an ex-MOE teacher or someone in the education industry.

Therefore the best way to ensure that quality is regulated is to go for a tuition centre where most tutors are trained to address parents and students’ concerns with a clear overview of the methodology that will be enforced during the duration that the student will be under tutelage.

Yet, not all tuition centres are the same, some are focused on delivering results, some focus more on the experience while others on technology. The similarity is that regardless of the methodology used, parents are still concerned with one thing at the end of the day – Results.

Where home tuition has a more free reign when it comes to selection of tutors for your child, tutors in tuition centres would usually go through a stringent selection process before getting hired. And in most centres, these tutors are constantly put through upgrading programmes to improve their pedagogy and ability to deliver.

If you are looking for quality tuition teachers, feel free to contact EdValue for education programmes that will bring a spark to your child’s eyes.

Email: info@edvalue.com Contact: 62590188 / 90051674


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