Underage prostitution is not ok but prostitution is ok?

Is there a displaced view on the morality of educators?

With the current spate of sex scandal in Singapore with high profile civil servants being charged in court, across the blogosphere and our conservative society, there have been concerns raised about the moral integrity of educators in Singapore. With the teaching profession being upheld in an integrous light since ancient times, these incidents have dented the confidence that parents have in educators.

When an ex-principal of Pei Chun Public School was charged and jailed for his engagement of service of an underage prostitute http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest+News/Singapore/Story/A1Story20120427-342445.html, there was big hoo-ha and it led to comments online that covered a mixture of disgust and disappointment in his behaviour.

Right now in America, there are regulations of social media interactions between teachers and students due to a  concern over inappropriate acts between the two. http://www.todayonline.com/World/EDC120503-0000028/New-Yorks-social-media-rules-limit-student-teacher-contact

On one end, we feel that educators at the end of the day are still human beings and they go through challenges and personal struggles that sometimes seeped into the working life. There have been cases in the past of teachers having affairs with their students and sometimes these teachers are having marriage problems or experiencing personal woes themselves when these cases are reported.

Perhaps there should be initiatives for more familial culture in schools and the education sector so that teachers who are experiencing difficulties in schools can feel that it is alright to share with their colleagues or mentors at the workplace what is going on. We feel that just as in any workplace, with the work stress and all other factors taken into account, mutual support could be an aid into lessening the stress at home or work for these educators.

Also, apart from the myopic view of press reporting at times, let’s consider psychological, sociological as well as environmental factors when looking at a person’s behaviour.

Having said that, we are just wondering rather than a fixation on under age sex, shouldn’t the focus be on the educators if they should even be visiting prostitutes in the first place?

We are just confused by the reporting on underage sex. Legalization of a certain trade might not necessarily means it is ethical to engage in the service.





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