Be Inspired

When I reminisce about my student days I remember the times when I would seek to be inspired in the most unconventional places. We are taught to be motivated in school and I realize through the years that motivation is not so much as taught, but rather ‘caught’.

I see inspiration as the fuel that leads to me being motivated. And I remember how I would look for ways to be inspired to succeed. The process which kept me going became the motivation but I would search in diverse mediums to find that inspiration.

I remember I would watch inspirational movies on the human spirit to not give up and fight on despite challenging circumstances. Some of these movies include Rocky, A Beautiful Mind and even Man on the Moon by Jim Carey in his depiction of the comedic genius Andy Kaufman. Though I was just a student i would relate and draw parallels of their lives to what it would take for me to succeed in my academics.

Especially the Rocky series which was a loose adaptation on Sylvester Stallone’s actual biography on his rise to fame as an underdog, it evokes emotional sentiments that inspired me to create my own destiny. I would find myself watching the movies countless times and my house would be filled with “Adriannnn….” in his victorious burst as he lifted the world championship belt in the air.

As a sportsman, I would go for runs to isolated beaches near where I live and spend hours sitting and gazing at the waves, visualizing what I would like to become in the future. At times, I would also bring along my notes to study at these places where I could be alone and be with my thoughts.

Before you think I am some kind of recluse, I would also seek inspiration in cafes in the central business district where I would do my revision there. Looking at successful business people ornamented in their power suits and ties, I told myself that I would be as successful or even more so in the future. It is in all these glimpses of what I could become in the future that created the inspiration and the motivation for me to keep on keeping on.

I believe that inspiration is extrinsic, coming from environmental factors but motivation, at the core is intrinsic. It has to come from within. And essentially we are also searching for ourselves to a certain extent, it is those moments that we experienced when we encounter ‘life’ in a way that is unique to all of us that keeps us driving towards our goals and achieve what we are looking for.

Even now, when there are challenging seasons, I find that the things that kept me going are still inspirational biographies, a good cup of coffee or tea in a nice cafe somewhere and travelling to exotic places.

Find the things that inspire you and soak yourself with inspiration everyday.

-Shane, EdValue


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