Student of a new era

Over here at EdValue, we just had a restful labour day (we hope you had too!), where we had time to reflect and catch up with some of our work.

To fill you guys in a little with what has transpired here at EdValue, we have some programs coming up in May that are very exciting such as educational workshops, programs and conferences, one of which is a Mega Workshop that teaches students how to study and revise for their exams.

We think that the life of a student is filled with so many possibilities that we just want to take this opportunity to inform you as a parent what your child can explore and if you are a student reading this, what you can do.

We know that here at EdValue we have put together, selectively, good (in our opinion) educational programmes on a monthly and even weekly basis, and we would like to encourage parents and students to participate in these programmes, some of which could be seminars or workshops, to get a different perspective (because we know listening to another person besides your teacher in school helps).

Anyway apart from just studies, we think below are a number of things every student should explore.

1. Travel: As a student, you have opportunities to travel frequently during the holiday. Instead of just staying home to revise, which is good or attend tuition after tuition classes we encourage students to take every opportunity to see the world. The experiences that you  have are going to help you in the future, not to say the friendships you can foster. Go for exchange programmes, live abroad for awhile and even backpack to an exotic place if you are of age.

2. Work: The conventional and traditional mindset would be that this might be distracting but we think otherwise. We feel that students who start working young are more street smart and these are valuable experiences that will give you an insight into the working world. Also, if you can find a job in the area of your interest, that is best.

3. Be entrepreneurial: Instead of depending on your parents for allowance everyday, why not start something of your own that can generate income? Turn your hobby into a business.

4. Read: Yes, you heard right. We are not just talking about reading your textbooks. Read vivaciously, expand your mind and explore content that are not taught in school. A person that writes well, is someone who also reads alot. Good conservationists are people who have read much.

5. Join clubs: Expand your social circle, learn a new skill, improve your social life. There are clubs around like toast masters that train your public speaking skills and give your regular opportunity to make yourself heard.

6. Pick up a new skill: EdValue has a number of programs that are being feature in our newsletter every week. Join one and see yourself flourishing in your personal development. You can subscribe to to be kept updated or email us at for a list of programs.

7. Exercise: go for a run, swim or hit the gym. Looking good makes you feel good too. And feeling good helps you focus as well.

So yeah, 7 things you can do as a student. Life is too precious to just focus on only studying.


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