Difference between a coach and a teacher

What makes a good teacher? We think that a good teacher is not just someone that teaches but someone that coaches.

You see, there is a difference between just teaching and coaching. Essentially, ‘teaching’ is the impartation of facts, information and concepts to an individual but we think the education process comes with it so many other variable factors that ‘teacxhing’ is not enough.

During the pursuit of success in the journey of a student, the process is sometimes fraught with challenges and difficulties that might distract a person from achieving his dreams. There are situations that might detract a student from his goals and affect their self efficacy.

As such, a person that can be there for the student, encourage the student, motivates and inspire the student as well as impart technical concepts and skills to the student is crucial to his success. A normal teacher only teaches but a coach will push, motivates and egg the student on as well as ensure that the student develops in the necessary academic skills.

Just as a coach in the sporting arena will ensure that his athlete be in the top condition during his race,  a coach in the academic arena will ensure that his student is prepared as well as in the right state of mind before an exam.

We know that here at EdValue, we like to work with coaches; individuals who desire to make a difference to a student’s life and who dares to go beyond their call of duty to ensure that the students ‘get it’.  We don’t believe in just ‘teaching’. Therefore, students who made it in an education program would usually have a ‘coach’ who has made a difference in his life.


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