How Important is Financial Education as Compared to Tuition?

I saw quite a few centres offering financial education besides tuition class. I am all for financial education after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad many years ago. I realised that Robert Kiyosaki changed alot of people’s lives with this book. It looks like our financial habits are built when we were very young, but nobody really taught us anything about money except to save and spend perhaps, and we went through many years of education learning how to solve maths problems, science experiments, writing essays.. countless of hours of tuition on academic subjects, maybe in music, arts, etc.. but really, the most important education besides our academic education I guess, would be financial education, about investing, about business, about learning to sell.. I think this is key to our future, especially for our youths now.. scoring A* or A1 is just a stepping stone, being book smart is good but with a dose of street smart, there is hope for the future.. what do you think?


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