Not just English Tuition, but Creative Writing!

Just send this out to our readers, so many people looking for English tuition, but I personally think this is something much better.. creative writing… once students get the hang of it, scoring well in English composition is chicken feet! Oops.. i may need to brush my enngrriissh soon.. 😛

Dear Parents,
Do you face frustrations at times when:-
Your child is very imaginative and tells you very interesting stories, but when it comes to writing English compositions, he/she has a difficult time penning down those thoughts into paper, and you wonder.. how can it be?!? 
Your child is an expert in solving maths problem sums but when it comes to thinking of ideas for a story, he/she just can’t get the thoughts flowing… hmmmm
You find that your child can write great stories, perhaps he/she might be a BUDDING AUTHOR and you felt unsure how you can actually help him/her excel in the talent of writing?
Well, come along to this Creative Writing Workshop for families. In 3 Hours, bond with your child and learn the SECRETS to writing a good story or composition.
*Parent must accompany child as there would be activities to do together as a family.*
**Limited seats so as to allow dedicated attention for your child’s assessment**

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