Is Tuition Really Needed?

Yesterday, I talked to 2 parents who shared that their kids didn’t need tuition and still managed to graduate from local university.

Well, it made me think – maybe if the child is bright enough and can handle studying on his/her own, then of course, there is not need for tuition. I also support a no-tuition child because school life can be quite stressful already.

 Yet, I think most students need help. The bright ones are probably the top 10% of the cohort, so it’s left to the 90% of students who are not as talented and have to make up for it through hard work. There’s where tuition comes in – then comes the question, is private home tuition better or going for classes in a tuition centre better?

Well, for that, it would really be a parent’s decision. Private home tuition may not be regulated but tuition centre, to a certain extent, are ‘forced to compete’ and therefore, wants to offer the best curriculum to help the child learn. And with so many different tuition centres out there, it makes sense to review which are the good ones to consider. Hopefully, this e-book “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Educator for Your Child” can help you along the way.

Download from this link:

Enjoy the read!


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