Which is a Good Tuition Centre in Singapore?

Had a casual talk with a parent during KidsPlay workshop, the first-ever personality profiling workshop for children below the age of 14. She’s asking a question most parents would have asked: “there are so many tuition centres in the market today, which one to choose for my child?” and this gives me a chance to introduce EdValue.com where the full listings of tuition centres / enrichment centres are available.

What’s more, due to most parents’ concerns about locating a tuition centre near their homes, especially if their kid is studying in primary school, it makes sense to choose a centre near where they stay, so that they can cut short on the travel time between the school and the tuition centre.
You can now search for a tuition centre near your home through EdValue.com.  It really helps to cut down the time spent asking people you know. What’s more, you can even download a free e-book on ‘The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Educator for Your Child”. The checklist of questions will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best type of program available for your child.

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